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Our Herd Sires

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*Not all herd sires are owned by S & S Land & Cattle, Inc.



7-D Ribeye


This bull is headed to the top!

A Bextor son that averages 68 lbs BW with a curve bending 105 YW and a 28 Milk EPD. A proven Sutphin Sleepeasy bull with a large ribeye. Semen available from Sutphin Cattle Co.

Sutphin's Rito 703 8147


A son of Sutphin's Rito 703. Rito calves have been a highlight of our sale for the last several years. He's an all-around good bull with a phenotype everyone is looking for. Deep bodied and thick.

S A V Final Answer 0035


The proven calving ease sire that bends the growth curve to offer exceptional performance, maternal strength, and carcass quality. His heifers are keepers with a CED and CEM at the top 10% of the Angus breed.

S A V Bismarck 5682


This bull possesses the extra muscle and performance of Grid Maker while offering more moderation of birth weight.

SAV Networth 4200

sire to our

KLA Net Worth 013


A true cow changer. This well proven sire has as much visual muscle as any angus sire there is. He continues year in and year out with sell out semen due to worldwide demand. His daughters may be his greatest legacy with outstanding udder quality, super fleshing ease and fertility bred in.

SAV Platinum 0010

sire to our

KLA Platinum 314


Platinum is a bull full of body, sired from a top herd bull from SAV. He offers calving ease as well as growth and maternal traits. With a BW EPD in the Top 5% and YW EPD in the Top 15% he is a breed leader. His carcass scores are just as impressive with a RE EPD in the top 10% of the Angus Breed.

S A V Providence 6922

sire to our

S A V Presence 9322


The proven calving ease sire that bends the growth curve to offer exceptional performance, maternal strength, and carcass quality. His heifers are keepers with a CED and CEM at the top 10% of the Angus breed.

Sutphin's Bismarck 135


This Bismarck son is a blueprint of his father. We expect great things from him.

Schurrtop Dutchman L405


His calves are deep middle and his heifers have tremendous capacity.

Sutphin's Objective 280


Semen available from Sutphin Cattle Co. $20.

SAR Objective 701


His sire is ranked in the top 1% of the bred for YW Epd. His pedigree provides an alternative to many of today's popular bloodlines. One of the best female makers in the breed!

Schurr Business 3847


Business 3847 goes back to the $31k Schurrtop RTA Business, who was the #1 bull at -5.63 residual feed intake and tghe biggest ribeye out of 800 bulls on test

Schurr Next Level 3775


This deep bodied bull is phenotypically sound and we are excited for his high quality progeny this up coming year.

KLA Palladium 398


A Platinum son with moderate birth weights and good growth numbers.

Greens Firecracker 2812


A young sire selected for his efficiency and outstanding phenotype.

(Pictured: Grandsire of Greens Firecracker)


Red Angus

Sire of Mushrush Impressive LN U217                                             1295151

One of the top bulls of the 2010 Mushrush Sale. 64lb birth weight. Calving ease deluxe. 

Mr. Prime Hitter


Semen available from Sutphin cattle Co. $20.



Heifer Bull Deluxe! 
Has tremendous grow numbers, high capacity and a deep rib. Semen available from Sutphin Cattle Co. $20.

   Bieber Wallace Z430


Bieber Norseman King


Bieber Oly Z260


Our "Jack of all Trades". This impressive sire stamps his calves with a deep rib, heavy muscled, large scrotal and a moderate frame. He's a "sleepeasy" heifer bull that can pack on pounds and increase your payweight. HB and GM are breed leading!

Leachman Deniro A090X


If you're looking for versatility, you've found it! His expressive muscle, deep rib, and very easy fleshing make Deniro the ideal herd bull. He's a proven heifer bull with a top 2% REA in the breed. The females this sire produces are the kind you want to base your herd on.

Spur Rollin Deep 2440A


Breeding heifers? With a top 5% CED this is the kind of bull that can leave a positive impact in your herd and the Red Angus breed for years to come. He has remarkable phenotype, power, and makes balanced cattle with the ability to flesh, breed back, stay sound, and productive for the long haul.

Messmer Jericho W041

sire to our

Bieber Jericho Z423 &

Bieber Jericho Z399


Heifer Bull Deluxe! Using this pedigree on your heifers will let you sleep easy all night. This -6.3 BW and a CED of 14 tells us that this is the bull for calving ease! Not to mention, his Grid Master index is breed leading with a REA in the top 1% of the Red Angus breed.

Red Fine Line Mulberry 26P

sire to our

RRA Mulberry 26P 907


This bull will guaratntee the expansion of your herd! With his Calving Ease Maternal in the top 1% and Heifer Pregnancy in the top 2%, the daughters out of this stud will reproduce with ease. Plus, he offers a YW EPD that will ensure your calves will grow!

Red Cockburn Ribeye 308U


Acclaimed for power, depth, and fleshing ease. He will come out of the pasture looking as good as the day he went in, without an open cow. Decrease amount of feed, increase profit! Progeny will grow quickly and be able to maintain body weight. Daughters averaged $7,000 last year.

Red Soo Line Power Eye 161X


One of the most famous sons of Cockburn Ribeye. His calves are stout, high performing cattle with lots of muscle and power. His Maintenance Energy is leading the Red Angus breed. His daughters will maintain body weight while producing quality calves.



LT Bluegrass 4017 P

grandsire of our

Sandcrek Blueprint 114


He's a proven breed leader in calving ease and low birth weight. His Maternal Calving Ease is in the top 20% of the Charolais breed. His daughters will be sleepeasy first calf heifers! 

Sutphin's Schurr 117



The lead off bull in our 2014 Sutphin Bull Sale. He is deep and heavy muscled with an excellent disposition.

CML Diablo 2X

sire of our

TR MR Diablo 2627Z


Siring heavy muscled, easy fleshing cattle that grow and perform while still proving himself to be very moderate in terms of birth weight.

007 Black Crown 1335

This bull will add muscle and pounds to your calf crop.

RF Exceed 413 X-Factor


X-Factor is a deep bodied bull that has great depth to the rib. That will still produce calving ease throughout your herd.



ZKCC Chopper 844U

sire of our

GCC Chopper 2005


One of Steel Force's most popular sons. Chopper works on purebred and percentage cattle alike, setting a style much like his sire, but with a dimension that's all his own. With all his size he still maintains to keep a moderate calving birth weight.



WB Just Wright 858Y


Just Wright was Reserve Lim-Flex at the National Western Stock Show in 2013. His son, Brute Force was Reserve Lim-Flex at the Fort Worth Stock Show in 2016.

Wulfs You First Y369Y


Grand Champion of the 2013 Black Hills Stock Show.

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