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Selling 1200 Registered Angus, Red Angus, Sim Angus, Charolais, Lim Flex & Range Fire Bulls.

Taking our bulls to 2 years old is our specialty along with docility. For more information & pricing contact John Sutphin at 719-940-3729 or email us at

Semen Sales

Sutphin Performance Sires includes our proven herd sires that we have found to have extraordinary
progeny.  These Performance Sires breed attractive phenotype with the genetics to build your herd. The data from each of our sires is phenomenal & make all them an excellent addition to your herd sires.   

Herd Sires

SAV Networth 4200

Bieber Oly Z260

WB Just Wright 858Y

CML Diablo 2X

ZKCC Chopper 844U

Group Red Angus
mixed colored group hfrs
Lo t284
Geary, OK 2015
Char heifers 2014
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